Website designs that resonate with your audience

Website designs that resonate with your audience

Style - Substance - Functionality

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Your website beyond look will help your business grow

Website design should not only be memorable and in tone with your brand, but it must have valuable content, to be useful and to be easy to navigate and intuitive. We are here to help you to get the most from your website.

Business owners have to spend their time doing business, not trying to build a website. You do not have time or enough knowledge to build an effective website. We do not offer you a tool to build your website, we will build it for you. Plus, we will be here anytime you need to talk with us anytime when you need an improvement. When you are our client you can forget about having web related problems.

Your package contains:

- website design to match your brand and mobile device friendly
- optimization for search engines based on content you provide to us
- we create your business social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) to connect with your audience

We will host your website in Amazon Cloud, the most reliable hosting.

Our gift to you

We will assist you to get your business listed in Google Place as it will require validation through mail.

You just cannot get better. Start now!

Business Website

  • Load fast
  • Secure
  • Fully functional on all devices
  • Designed with scalability in mind

Based on your vision, we find together what you need for your business success.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search engine optimized
  • Site map included
  • Website submitted in Google & Bing
  • Google Analytics included

We add the Google and Bing scripts for best chances of being considered by search engines. We will create your Google Analytics account to allow you in future to monitor your website evolution.

Social media

  • Facebook business page
  • Twitter page
  • Google Plus page

We create the firsts posts to get you started. We will explain to you how to connect with your followers.

Web hosting

  • 99.95% to 100% Uptime guaranty
  • Unlimited traffic (common sense rule apply)
  • Daily backup in Amazon storage
  • Standard or premium technical support

We have you covered with all your hosting needs too. Our web hosting service is best quality at affordable price. The hosting will be monthly payment or as our agreement if applicable.

Logo design for new business

  • Unique & memorable
  • Simple & scalable
  • Versatile across different mediums
  • Meaningful & timeless

Together we will create a logo which will define your business: you come with an idea and we put at your service our creativity and experience.

You logo will cost as little as $250. It includes 30 minutes consultancy and 3 (three) concepts to choose from. These three very different concepts will be presented to you and you will decide which option is most appropriate. We will continue to work on the concept to get a final artwork which meets your expectations. You can ask for as many revisions you like. But a revision means colors or details changed, not changing the concept.

Online advertising

If you are serious about your business, online advertising is the way to grow your business online quick and reliable.
We provide assistance and consultancy for businesses to maximize their conversions.
Based on your budget, we will find the best advertising platform suited for your business. We create, manage and monitor your campaign for you.

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Your website is not another free Content Management System

It is a myth that Content Management System (CMS for short) give businesses freedom and independency from design agencies. The true is that a business owner has not the time, the knowledge or patience to do all by himself. To grow his business, he needs to delegate others.

Now, why I do not advance for free CMS for businesses? From our experience, there are more than one serious reasons to consider:

  • A business needs to be unique in the way it presents itself. A CMS will put your website in a box. All website based a certain CMS look more or less the same.
  • A business has to build trust. The code behind a free CMS is known by honest, but un-hones people as well. If you have a free CMS website, hackers will know that and your website is a good target for massing up.
  • You project a cheap display for your business. If it is free CMS in behind of your website, this CMS is advertised into your website. For a formed eye, it will be transparent.
  • Nothing good is free. Free plug-ins or add-ons are the very target of hack into. They may be free due to poor execution or will never be upgraded and supported. If it is free, nobody is responsible in case something bad is happening.
  • CMS upgrades can lead to dysfunctions into website. All customizations made for your website needs to be upgraded when they become incompatible with the CMS core.
  • Big foot print on server which leads to big hosting costs. A CMS is based on lots of coding lines and files just to enable users to build their websites without html knowledge. The code of CMS based website is not clean as a website built without CMS.
  • The CMS website cannot not be as fast as a website built without CMS. Same for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Website development comes to big cost. Everything became rigid and require advance knowledge of that CMS to change the layout and to change anything in fact.
  • Finally, you have a tool that you do not use it. Many business owners which have their CMS website built by a web design agency end up by asking that web design agency to do the changes for them. And questions is why to have all disadvantages of a free CMS if you do not use it?

A CMS is good option if you decide to take it as it is. For a personal blog, this may be an option, but for a business... maybe not!

Why should you work with Web Design DM

At Web Design DM we work with experts in Web Design and Development and Online Marketing and Advertising and we are passionate about our work. We aim to be the best in building business class websites and we put our experience at work.
We believe that our clients online success is contributing to our success.
You will have not only a website, we create an online business for you.

We work with your budget to make it affordable and cost effective.
For only $700, we build the website layout and contact page (contact form included) and legal pages. For any additional pages you will pay as little as $25 to $100/page.
If needed, we will break the total cost in easy to pay payments to make this offer unbeatable.

Your website is scalable. Any functionality can be added at any time. We will make sure you will get a cost effective free quote every time you need improvements as we love life time customers.
Come with us and you will forget about web related problems.

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