Stand out from your competitors

Stand out from your competitors

Together we will create powerful online and offline marketing campaigns to attract audience attention and persuade their buying decisions.

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Understanding human behavior in buying process

We are eternal students of human buying behavior and new marketing techniques. We look through human eyes in everything we do. We strive to understand what role the brands play in people lives. We seek to find meaningful ways to communicate with people about brands and build new and long-lasting business human connections.

Based on discussions with our client, we will guide him to choose the most effective advertising techniques. Web Design DM team is dedicated to create, plan and hand-balling advertising for its clients.

Online Advertising

At Web Design DM, we are specialized in online advertising.
The beauty of online advertising is that the advertiser only pays for the number of visits that its advertisement generates, and the results of its efforts dollar for click can accurately be measured.
Online advertising generate traffic for the website and increases website prominence in search engines.

We use online push - pull mechanism to maximize the impact of the online advertising.

The PUSH mechanism is intended to get the word out to an entire group of potentials customers / clients in order to hit those that may be currently interest in advertised products or services.

The PULL mechanism is intended to draw visitors to the targeted website when they actively are seeking the advertised product or service.

The final step in online advertising campaigns driven by Web Design DM is to monitor the advertising performances:

  • Conversion analysis
  • Landing pages for integrating online and offline advertising program
  • Marketing survey campaigns
  • Web analytics

We offer to our customers an integrated solution from advertising consultancy to creative designing, copywriting and editing services, branding audit, website development and improvement of website performance.

Let's talk about your advertising campaign

Advertising audience

Based on discussions with the client, we will determine the targeting audience from Demographic and Psychographic point of view, thus this, the size and type of target audience.

Advertising timing

We will determine the best option of advertising frequency which fits your seasonal and business-cycle trends, your budget and the type of media used.

Advertising media

Based on our customer budget for advertising campaign, on size and type of targeted audience and on message composition, we will determine the most cost-effective media vehicles within each chosen media type.

Advertising budget

Any campaign must have a budget.
Typically a company should earmark between 5 to 10% of revenues to advertising and marketing initiatives.

Advertising objectives

We work with our customer to determine and understand the characteristics of advertising object.
Based on experience, professionalism and creativity, we will create meaningful, easy to remember message that will influence the buying decision of the audience.

Advertising effectiveness

Communication effect seeks to determine whether an ad is communicating effectively. We will analyze the audience exposure, its interaction and connection with the client brand. This audit will be concentrated on audience, type of media communication and message effectiveness.
Based on this analyze we will be build a report to show the way how the advertising campaign reach its targets and the effectiveness of each media vehicle on reaching the targeted audience.

Online advertising benefits:

  • It is the most powerful and cost-effective tool to drive traffic to your web site
  • Provides maximum exposure to your products and services than any other form of advertising
  • Helps you to reach the targeted audience and this is making your campaign more profitable and you get more relevant leads
  • It is measurable and easy to track the conversion rates
  • It is much faster than offline advertising
  • The advertiser is able to convey more details about the advertisement to the audience
  • Payment flexibility is another added advantage of online advertising and marketing
  • Makes easy for the audience to engage with your ads or products / services
  • Stands a notch high in improving the branding of your company, service or product

Online Marketing is suitable for:

  • Any business new or old, big or small
  • Manufacturers, Wholesalers / Retailers and Services providers
  • Brand awareness
  • Promoting a Business name / Organization
  • Increase visibility for a website
  • Products or services advertising
  • Advertising current promotions
  • Create demand for a new product
  • Google AdWords: - Brand awareness - Lead generation
  • Social media advertising: - Followers acquisition - Website traffic - Promotions & leads
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): - Generate organic traffic to website
  • Web monitoring: -Analyze the website performance - Plan improvement strategy
  • Social networks apps: - Promote followers loyalty - Followers acquisition
  • eMails & newsletters design: - Lead generation - Customers loyalty
  • Home & landing page design: - Persuade customer buying decision

What we can do for you

Money should be spent wisely. To make the adverting affordable and manageable, we break down in small pieces an aggressive campaign which targets multiple platform.

Let's plan you advertising campaign if you find bellow an interesting topic for your business:

  • Google AdWords
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web monitoring
  • Social networks apps
  • eMails & newsletters design
  • Home & landing page design

Based on your budget, any combination is possible and negotiable. Contact us to find out more.